Ski/Snowboard: Ski

Style/Ability: Intermediate (All Mountain)

Name: Jack F.

Social Media Link:

# of Seats Needed: 1

Departure Location: OSU- Corvallis

Preferred Destination: Mt. Bachelor

Duration of Trip: Either day or multi-day.

Weekdays/Weekends: Weekend trips.

Fare: Gas & Toll

Message: I am looking to hit up some mountains this year! I am from the East Coast so I really look forward to skiing some real mountains. I am down to go whenever, the sooner the better. I have all my own equipment and I am planning to get a season pass assuming I can get to the mountain to make it worth my while. If you want to chill with me on the mountain thats cool, I am an alright skiier. I can keep up with most people and I dont really mind waiting. I do plan to make it a full days worth while I'm there. I typically stick to blues or black trails and throw in some trees or park to mix it up.


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