This ski season has been rough. El Nino didn't exactly help things either. If you're west cost you're chillin. The Rockies too. But if you're a die-hard on the East Coast, well... It's been pretty sad. 

But I have to say that the folks we've met through our meet up group on and through Shredshare have been nothing short of impressive. Folks are legit die-hands. No questions about it. Day trips, 2 a.m. departures, skiing in the rain, riding grass, lots of mud. It really didn't matter. These guys and gals love the shred and go for it, regardless. Thanks to them and their enthusiasm, we're proud to report that we've averaged 4 carpools and ~13 resort visitors, each weekend, this season. 

So so here are some picks of what it's been like and who's been soaking it up. Shred soon. - Jay


A pic of Ray Park and I riding the Snowdon lift. Ray's a sick dude. Ex-pro, had a long stint working for Burton Snowboards. He had a stroke 2 years ago, and this has been his first season back. And he's sharing the shred with us. Keep rippin' Ray!


Ray in the woods of Superstar.


Here we have Nat (one of Shredshare's heaviest users and a real die-hard), a dude who's cool but I forget his name (sorry!), John Coker and Rita. John and Rita, we met through our meetup group on


Here we have Martin. 18 years young and ripping hard. Weekend warrior style. 


Here we have Dennis Lee. Dennis was Shredshare's first user. Ever! No joke. Great guy and part of the team of volunteers that keeps the community going. 


Bryan, Dennis and Andy at the Longtrail Pub at Snowshed. I know Bryan through Shredshare from last year. He lives in South Jersey, has a pass to Killi and averages more than 40 days a year! No joke. Andy is a great dude as well. He lives in Manhattan and goes up every weekend. 

File_009 (2).jpeg

Here we have Kim, Ken, Mike, myself and David, from left to right. Kim is rad and has done all of the design for Shredshare. She's shreds hard too. Ken is one of the guys from the High Life Ski Club/Lodge. Old school, new cool for sure. He loves to get up early. And David has been a rock for Shredshare. He's been with us since the start to the season and has provided awesome ideas and great company. 

group (1).jpg

From right to left, Paulina, Neeraj, Dennis and myself. We know Neeraj from Shredshare, last year. He and carpooled. Paulina is a new comer and totally down for the cause. By now you know Dennis. :)

File_002 (7).jpeg

Kim, once more...

File_004 (5).jpeg

Here we have Mike and Dave celebrating first tracks. It was a rad day for about 2 hours.... ;)

File_000 (9).jpeg

More homies... from left to right: Andy, me, Dan, Israel, Dennis and Jesse. We met all of these dudes through our meet up group on

File_006 (4).jpeg

Steve and Elaine are great. We met them at one of our first happy hours in Queens. This was early, early season and we're grabbing a break at the bottom of the Northridge Triple chair at Killington.