Our top priority is the safety of our community and we work hard to maintain it. We meet our users, face to face, at real-life Shredshare happy hour meetups, at Shredshare on-mountain meetups, through carpools and through industry events. We also require every new user to provide us with links to their Facebook and/or LinkedIn profiles so that we can connect with them, review their online social activity and to welcome them to the community.  Members are known on the Shredshare platform by their online social profiles - mainly Facebook and LinkedIn. It's through these real-life meetups and online social networks that users are encouraged to connect and get to know each other, ahead of carpooling.  Like skiing and snowboarding, Shredshare's community is tight-knit and our members look after one another. But we admit that there's only so much we can do to keep our users safe, and we strongly encourage everyone to use their good judgement and common sense. When attempting to connect with another community member we suggest that you get to know the other person before you agree to carpool. Real relationships make for good carpools.  

In addition to what we mentioned above, we'll be building out a set of tools to help you deal with the various situations and dynamics that go into carpooling with new people. We'll be adding our ideas and suggestions to our blog and reference links to the carpool page. For now, see below for a tried and proven method for getting to know a new carpooler. 

"Chat, Call, Coffee, Carpool (C4)"

Upon being connected with another carpooler (rider or driver) on Shredshare:

  1. Review the interested party's social footprints - we'll be sending you links to their Facebook and/or LinkedIn profiles.
  2. If you think they're trustworthy, connect with them via an online social network that you have in common.
  3. Once you're connected, conduct your first interaction via chat/direct message (like Facebook Messenger) to say hi and to make plans for a phone call later that day.
  4. Over the phone, get to know each other and if there's a connection, make plans for coffee.
  5. Over coffee, get to know each other some more and if things feel good, make plans to carpool.
  6. Plans should include: destination mountain, departure date / loc. / time, return date / loc. / time, space for gear, fare, lodging.
  7. Carpool, shred and repeat.

At Shredshare, we want to do more than get you to the mountains. We want to facilitate meaningful introductions that will lead to long-lasting relationships based on common interests and pure drive. Upon being connected with someone new, take the time to get to know them on a personal level through online chat and face-to-face conversation. Learn about each other's passions and interest. Learn what resorts they like to ride. Learn about their favorited backcountry expedition. Learn why getting to the mountain is so important to them. Make a real connection. Make a real friend. 

Shred soon,

The Shredshare Team