Finally. Killington [re]opened for 2015/2016 and Shredshare wasted no time getting up there. Kim, Mike and Jay hauled it up to the Green Mountain State for some shred. Being able to get up there, via some convenient carpooling, to see the winter wonderland that we've been missing in NYC was nothing short of a glorious sight. 

We left at 4 a.m. and ended up at the K1 base by 9:30AM, ready rock and roll. Conditions were right, weather was bluebird, and we rode all of 4 runs... then the power went out and the lifts shut down! 

But let's back up. The day started with a quick Shredshare pick up in Manhattan at 430 a.m. where three Shredshare carpoolers formally met and got on their way. Up along the NY Thruway, past Albany and Troy, and up to Rutland, the early morning drive was smooth and the scenery was epic. 


By 930 a.m. we were in the parking lot, lacing up and getting ready for the ceremonial first assent of the season. 


As soon as 10 a.m. struck, they dropped the rope and the crowds stormed the gondo. It was go time and people were stoked. Once at the top you'd have to walk across and down a catwalk, to the top of Rhyme and Reason. It seemed like a lot but it really wasn't that bad. 

The snow was solid. Typical early season slush. It took some energy to push it around but it was fast and forgiving. We lapped the Northridge Triple, the only lift spinning that day, fighting through shaky knees, weak lungs and that thirty-something year old voice in our heads saying over and over again, "Don't forget about work on Monday!". It was sick.

Four runs into it, it all ended. Yup. Some well intentioned confetti canon celebrating lead to a rouge piece of confetti, and it's metal backbone, drifting 50 yards into the generator that powers the lifts. Then there were fireworks. Apparently wires got crossed and the generator shorted out. That lead to the Northridge Triple and the gondola shutting down. We heard that even the lodge lost power. Insane. And at that very moment, the clouds moved in and it got cold and windy. And we were stuck on the lift at pole 8. 

How did it all end? They spun up the diesel auxiliary to get us all up the triple chair to the catwalk, then to the gondola, and downloaded to the base. The resort felt bad and did they best they could to make up for it. Everyone got a free voucher, good for one year. And while we were sad that the day didn't go on, we were stoked to get our four runs in and that the season was finally here. After all, there's always next weekend. 

Days on snow, 2015/2016: 1



Shred soon,


The Shredshare Team