The week started with a SHREDSHARE Meetup in NYC. About eight of us met up at Flannery's on 14th between 7th and 8th for drinks and brainstorming. Some good folks made it out. We had an engineer, an iOS developer, a liquor salesman, a mobile designer, an HR person, a security consultant, a writer and a java programmer make the trip. It was a good crowd. Smart folks looking for an economical and social way to go shred. Our kind of people.

And this meetup lead to three carpools and about 12 die-hards headed up to Killington, together, for the weekend. 

Day one started with two groups leaving NYC around 430 a.m., headed north along the NY State Thruway, meeting at the Killington K1 base lodge at about 10 a.m. Dennis and myself met up with Steve, Elaine, Paris and few others and headed up the gondola. Conditions were solid. The sun was out, it was above freezing and there was just a little wind. Even with only 6 trails open, we knew it would be an epic start to the season. 

The gondola got us to the top where the first half of Great Northern was open and stock piled with the white stuff. From there we wrapped around and under the gondola, across Rhyme and Reason and down to the Northridge Triple chair where everyone had to wait on line. The Northridge Triple was the only lift spinning. 

The line took a solid 20 minutes to negotiate but Killington did a good job with the maze and keeping things moving along. They also had a well placed hotdog and beer shack near by. That was clutch and saved most folks from losing their minds. We found ourselves laying around, sipping beers and crushing dogs on more than one occasion throughout the weekend. 

Sunday was a solid repeat of Saturday, sans Steve and the gang--they headed back after a solid day mission. But we were able to meet up with Neeraj and Patricia, who were arriving that morning, and kept the crew strong. Neeraj and Patricia met by way of the NY/NJ Ski & Snowboard Carpool meetup and were able to hook up with us. We all met up, took a bunch of laps, waited on line for a bit and had a great time. We took park laps, slush runs and made some hard carves. By 2pm Sunday we were all thinking about wrapping it up and saving what was left of our legs. It was a great way to start the season.

Days on snow, 2015/2016: 3.


Shred soon,

The Shredshare Team