At Shredshare, access, community and conservation are our core values. And we want to discover, engage and partner with industry players - resorts, hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. - that share those same values. Our goal is to create partnerships with local mountain businesses that can service you on your journey towards snow and what you love.

Through our Partners page, you'll get to interact with folks that we think are doing it right. You'll have access to group rates from environmentally responsible businesses that share your love for the mountains and appreciate the importance of community. And in turn, you'll be supporting their agenda and passions. It's win, win. 

Keep an eye on this page. We're constantly on the look out for new partners and will be adding more services to help you get to the mountains, responsibly. To stay in the know, sign up for our newsletter and receive updates when new Shredshare Partners are added. We're more than just ski and snowboard carpools...


Shred soon,

Jay and the Team