Ski/Snowboard: Ski

Style/Ability: Intermediate (All Mountain)

Name: Timothy D.

Social Media Link:

Destination Mountain Resort: Whiteface and / or Gore

Departure Date: 1/8/2016

Departure Time: 5:0:0 PM

Departure Location: Peekskill, NY

Return Date: 1/10/2016

Return Time: 10:0:0 PM

Return Location: Peekskill, NY

# of Days on Snow: 2

# of Seats Available: 2

Fare: Split gas $ and tolls.

Comments: I plan on skiing Whiteface and or Gore. First time out this year. Was waiting for the mid spring weather to clear out so I wouldn't be skiing on mud and rocks. I don't smoke and I prefer you didn't either. I have my preference for music but I'll be democratic about it! (We'll take turns)

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