• Killington Mountain Resort (map)

Ski/Snowboard: Ski

Style/Ability: Intermediate (All Mountain)

Name: Mike S.

Social Media Link: https://www.facebook.com/michael.sienkiewicz

Destination Mountain Resort: Killington

Departure Date: 1/22/2016

Departure Time: 3:30:0 PM

Departure Location: NYC

Return Date: 1/24/2016

Return Time: 3:30:0 PM

Return Location: NYC

# of Days on Snow: 2

# of Seats Available: 2

Fare: Other.

Comments: I will be renting a car from LaGuardia Friday around 3 pm and leaving from NYC, but I can pick people up in uptown NYC on my way out. Hoping to split the total cost of the rental (about $300 or so), so would be $100 or $150 depending on whether I can fill two seats in the car. Not great but still cheaper and better than Amtrak. No smoking in the car, don't care what you do during rest stops though. :) I listen to music and podcasts mostly and happy to chat a little bit too. Leaving Killington around 3 - 330 on Sunday afternoon.

How did you hear of us?: Meetup.com


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