• Killington Ski Resort (map)
  • Killington, Vermont

Ski/Snowboard: Snowboard

Style/Ability: Advanced (All Mountain)

Name: Jason G.

Social Media Link: www.twitter.com/jasongreenhouse

Destination Mountain Resort: Killington

Departure Date: 12/30/2015

Departure Location: Hoboken / Jersey City / West New York / Fort Lee

Return Date: 12/31/2015

Return Location: 

Hoboken / Jersey City / West New York / Fort Lee

# of Days on Snow: 2

# of Seats Available: 2

Fare: Split gas $ and tolls.

Schedule and Comments: Want to leave early on Wed the 30th to get on the hill by 1030. Ride all day, crash somewhere cheap, ride early on Thursday and then back home by 8pm or so for New Year's eve. Gonna be tight but doable. :) Looking to split gas and tolls - in total it costs ~ $60. Looking to split that evenly amongst folks in car. If you can help drive manual transmission that'd be great. 

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