• Hoodoo Ski Resort (map)
  • Oregon

Ski/Snowboard: Ski

Style/Ability: Advanced (All Mountain)

Name: Croy C.

Social Media Link: https://m.facebook.com/croy.carlin

Destination Mountain Resort: Hoodoo

Departure Date: 12/27/2015

Departure Time: 6:00:0 AM

Departure Location: Corvallis, OR

Return Date: 12/27/2015

Return Time: 5:00:0 PM

Return Location: Corvallis, OR

# of Days on Snow: 1

# of Seats Available: 3

Fare: Split gas $ and tolls.

Comments: Planning to leave early, ski, then head home around 3/4ish (or whenever really if people are ready). Music choices are generally silly, no smoking in the truck.

How did you hear of us?: Reddit


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