Ski/Snowboard: Snowboard

Style/Ability: Advanced (All Mountain)

Name: Dennis

Destination Mountain Resort: Killington

Departure Date: 12/6/2015

Departure Location: Astoria, Midtown, Uptown, N.NJ

Return Date: 12/6/2015

Return Location: Astoria, Midtown, Uptown, N.NJ

# of Days on Snow: 1

# of Seats Available: 2

Fare: Split gas $ and tolls.

Message: Hey there, I'm Dennis and I'm looking to fill 2 seats in my car up to Killington this weekend. My plan is to leave Sunday at about 5am and return home by 10/11pm Sunday night. I'd like to split tolls and gas. You're welcome to bring your own music (we can blue tooth it) and snacks are always good. If you're flexible with return times that's great. But Im also good at sticking to the schedule. Ping me and we'll make plans. 


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