• Killington Road
  • Killington, VT, 05751
  • United States

Member: Steve
Duration: 2 days on snow
Sport: Snowboard
Departure: Richmond Hill, Queens / NYC
Seats: +4
Fare: Gas $ & Tolls
omment: I think this car pool meetup is awesome. Things are always more fun in groups. Me, my wife and some friends want to hit Killington. We are beginner snowboarders, and really enjoy it. We have room in our van so we wanted to invite some meetup friends. The Plan: Leave Friday 4:30am 11/27/15 straight to Killington Ski area. 5pm Check-In 1 night at Hillside Inn Killington. Saturday 7:30am go back to Killington Ski Area. Then 5pm straight back to NY. Split gas & tolls.